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Emergency Oxygen (O2) Administration


Emergency oxygen administration can be given in most breathing and cardiac emergencies. This course, designed and offered by EMS Safety Services, may be taught separately or as part of a comprehensive CPR, AED or First Aid training course.

This course is intended to teach emergency oxygen (O2) administration. The program covers equipment and procedures for administering oxygen as an emergency procedure. Equipment selection and use for decompression illness emergencies are detailed with practical components to train a well rounded rescuer.

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What does this course teach?

  • Identification of DCI.
  • Administration of emergency oxygen.
  • Types and uses of oxygen equipment.
  • Oxygen delivery devices and how to use them.
  • General guidelines for use of emergency oxygen.
  • Risks associated with oxygen delivery.
  • Oxygen safety and storage.

Who is it for?

  • Scuba Divers.
  • Dive Professionals and boat staff.
  • Other individuals who may need to administer oxygen.
  • Minimum age 18, 10 with parental consent.

How to take this course?

There are two components to your training in order to receive your certification.  The first is academics and the second is skills. You must first pass your academics training to proceed to the second phase and work with an instructor in a classroom setting.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates may:

  • Recognize and evaluate an emergency and a victim.
  • Know how to activate or alert the emergency medical services (EMS).
  • Be able to administer O2 to a breathing or non-breathing person.
  • OSHA and ILCOR compliant training.

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